The “Shut up and do it” Agreement

I sign this agreement with the latest photo of myself

I hereby sign this agreement with the latest photo of myself

I’m known to make far too many plans. In fact, i’m great at making plans. But to actually execute it is a whole other story. I’m always, too tired, too distracted, too stressed-out, too broke, too busy –and too tangled in a lot other things but the plan itself. Sounds a lot like an excuse i know, because it actually is.

However, i figured that if i made a written form of said plans (and better yet publishing it), i’m left with no other choice but to do it. So as an attempt to tell myself to just “Shut up and do it” here are some things from my bucket list i’m going to get done by next year.

  1. Birthday Plan
    My birthday is coming in three weeks, and this year i’m planning on doing something special for myself. I’m going to do something which has been in my bucket list since 2015: paragliding.

    I’m going to take a birthday leave (thank Godness my office has it), and i’m going to go to Puncak by Dec 8 night by renting a car or using public transportation. Then i’ll stay in my cousin’s villa for the night and heads to paraglading site by dawn. This plan applies no matter if i’m alone or with company.

  2. Coldplay Concert
    I am the kind of person who listens to music out of sentiments, and Coldplay is one of the band that plays major roles throughout my lifetime. I was first listening to it when i was in Junior High School, and it became one of the few musicians whose concert is deemd worthy by my introvert self. Besides, Viva la Vida and Fix You was the ultimate anthem for my high school graduation and my thesis creation respectively. So when they are announcing a concert in Singapore, i have just got to witness it.

    Book it here tomorrow 9am sharp. Following instructions will follow if i manage to book the ticket. Wish me luck!!



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