1It feels as if i only turn my head for one second, and the next thing i know it’s already June. I was taking a little break and the next thing i know I haven’t really post anything real on this blog since October. I wast also just a freshman in university with exciting view of life, and before i know it, my thesis is due in several days. It’s thrilling to experience how fast time flies. So, in the midst of writing my final thesis and freshly chopped hair, i would like to say hello. Again.

4Mind a little vent, but i got a haircut about a week a go. Long story short it went bad. I decided that complaining is a waste of time and decided to pretend to rock it instead (dark lipstick helps in this situation, if you happen to suffer from the same incident). Besides of the fact that i write a post about it, my bad haircut doesn’t really bother me. Really. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Because before you know it, you’ll be graduating from university and be given a legalized title as an adult. The most burdensome title just yet.

I digress. But mostly i just forgot how to stay on topic while writing on a post. I also forgot how to write a blog post in general, and i need to refresh.

Hope to write again soon!

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