Pick a Wang

alexanderwangxhm-runway--46-vogue-17oct14-pr_bNow that November 6 is approaching, i can already hear fashion enthusiasts all over the world chanting “AW x HM”* in unison. Yeah, that actually happens, or maybe it’s just me spending too much time stalking #AlexanderWangxHM on every social media platforms, until my consciousness gets all blurred out.

(Like i haven’t state it for too many times) I’ve always adored Wang’s designs, and owning something that he created is definitely on my lifetime bucket list and I-HAVE-TO-OWN-AT LEAST-ON-OF-HIS-CREATION-I-REALLY-HAVE-TO.

Okay. hope i don’t start to sound like a crazy fangirl at this point.**

For all i know, I’m on my way to build the wardrobe of my dreams. One Alexander Wang piece at a time. And for now, which one should i start it with?


wang-wishlistImages  via vogue.co.uk

*despite of the fact that i don’t know how to pronounce the ‘x’

** but come on! you too must fangirled at least once in your life

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