Grey Day


The sky is grey, and the rain won’t stop pouring all day. The roof is leaking, thus makes my house looks like a total mess. The streets are flooded everywhere, the whole city are paralyzed. Including me, i’ve cancelled all my plans for today. I’m so sorry for being whiny, but it is absolutely not the best day.


But then i chose to make the most of this situation. I decided to get myself the best comfort food in the world. I boiled a cup of instant noodle, and trust me, a weather like this makes it tastes so much better. After that i lay down in my bed, turning the WiFi on, browsing through pages until i fell asleep. The temperature seems to have its own lullaby. It’s pretty hard to stay awake.9d69d954000001c0142eb07cf4c5-post

Waking up, i can barely feel the difference. The whole day feels like dawn today. The temperature stays the same. I try to keep myself alert for the news on TV though. I heard it’s flooding everywhere. I hope everyone is well.

PS: It’s been told that rain tends to make you think about anything a little deeper. I think this post is kind of the proof. It hasSwitching to deep thought mode : ON”  written all over it.

I don’t own any of those beautiful photos. Images are from here, here, and here

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