Not Another One Sided Love

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Featured in : IFB Projects #101
There is Chanel, a brand so great and as old as fashion itself, some will simply announce to know fashion once they can pronounce ‘Chanel’ correctly (or at least that’s me during middle school). And then there is Calvin Klein, whose design is defying nature’s law by being modern and classic at the same time. After that, there is also Elie Saab whose dress magically adds goddess-y glow to the mere mortals who wears them (in a wedding of my dreams, Mr Saab’s dress is on top of my list, just saying). There might also be Stella McCartney with her signature sleek, feminine look, and Balmain as a manifestation of my glam rock fantasies. 
And those are some of the brands i adore. Even though with them, i have one sided love. I can only look from a far, just as fine arts that they are. And up until now, they’re still out of my reach. Way out of my reach.
But then there is H&M.

A massive retail brand with unquestionable ability in bringing runway inspired look down to the streets. They’re also known for their affordable pricing. Not my kind of affordable of course, but then again we’re talking about a girl whose half wardrobe are thrift store finds. But to be fair, with a couple months of savings maybe by cutting all of my snack supplies, i might actually be able to own some pieces from the brand. Having collaborated with other giant fashion brands like Givenchy, Lanvin, Versace, and one of my favorite, Maison Martin Margiela, this brand gives a glimpse of high fashion in more approachable manner. None of my kidney has to be sold in order to afford them. In fashion industry that’s a form of charity.

H&M - Maison Martin Margiela

Talking about commendable actions, H&M clearly shows a commitment to humanity and environment. Thus making them one of the most ethical fashion brand out there. It doesn’t hurt either that while running the conscious campaign, the pieces from that collection is also ah-ma-zing. Now supporting their noble campaigns while looking fabulous doing so might be the closest i’ve ever get to… Lady Di

hnm conscioushm conscioushmhm cons

All this time i’ve been whining how they aren’t yet available in my country. The clothing itself are somewhat affordable, but the shipping cost i have to pay to get the package delivered at my door is ridiculous. But then there is this news, that H&M will finally come to my country this September… talking about fate *cough*. I’ve also seen this brand worked with bloggers before, so…
Dear H&M, i just want to shamelessly declare that i’m more than willing to represent you, call me tacky but i’m about to *wink wink*.
Well… a girl can dream.

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