Dorm Room Lighting : Icicle Lights


as faux headboard slash wall art frame (via: instagram)

I’ve seen this trick everywhere in dorm decorating department. One of my friend has already done this. Her room turns out really good, and i really like the idea of it. My roommate and i had discussed about re-decorating our room for several times, and have agreed that icicle light is definitely a yes (… the way i say it makes it sounds serious…). Of course, not only the light itself is very cheap and can instantly give our room several notch up, but there are also soooooooo many possibilities on how to arrange those pretty little things. Here are some of my inspirations. Enjoy!


draped all around the ceiling, lightening up the room from corner to corner
(via: dorm to die for)


Play with your imagination by shaping it into something else, like this tree, et voila!
(via : dorm room ispiration)


put it in a jar or a bottle (i also love the idea of glittering the bottle)
(via : fresh home ideas, organize your stuff now)


outlining the window (via : fuckyeahawesomedorms)


draping it from the ceiling (via : fuckyeahawesomedorms)

ImageOn a board (via: fuckyeahawesomedorms)

5a7543af53c685935e6f210a0cf8e848mixing it with another wall art (via : dorm to die for)

I still can’t decide which one will work best in my dorm though. Or maybe it’s best to combine some tricks all at once? I don’t know… maybe you have any suggestion? Please let me know :)

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