A Hunter at Heart


I’ll start this post with a little intermezzo. Last week my laptop cracked into two. That really made me died a little bit inside. The idea of losing all data i have in there is an absolute horror. Luckily, It can be fixed just as quick as it was broken. I was always a little bit reckless towards all of my belongings, but hopefully the lesson i get from ‘last week tragedy’ will make me learn.

Moving on!


I know that it’s already spring in so many part of the world where fashion is originated. But Living in Indonesia, you can wear sweater all day, and switch to a lightweight flowy dress the very next day. How thick or thin the fabric is just about preferences for us.  So if i lived in another part of the world, my love for sweater might grow a little too late. But luckily, i live in a place where coveting an animal printed sweater in the end of April is still considered acceptable. And here it is, a picture parade of the wild animal printed sweaters/jumpers i’m craving for.

tiger and cat5678910111212

images : 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13

Aren’t they just perfect? They have all the comfort sweaters/jumpers could offer, paired with the fierceness, and edginess of the animal prints. Besides, they are waaaay more animal-friendly than any other clothing that include real animal skin/fur.

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