A Glimpse of My Two Weeks in Salatiga


bonjour readers! I’m back!
I felt reluctant having to leave Salatiga and go back straight to my real life. It was barely a holiday since i was there to be a volunteer on a project. But since i really enjoy my time there, why wouldn’t it count as one?
Being at home also mean that i can blog again, so at this point i only  hope that you’re just as excited as i am (well, do you? do you??). Here’s some of the photos to sum up my two weeks in Salatiga. Enjoy!

DSC01151 DSC02362 DSC02352 DSC02386 DSC01989 DSC01911 DSC02353 DSC02369DSC02653DSC02615

Despite being only 8 hours away (by train) from where i live, and without traditions that are extremely foreign (thanks to my Javanese roots) i do gain a lot of new experiences during my time there. Partially because most of the people speaks Javanese which i don’t… and mostly because i spent my whole time there with 14 other French people who also participates in this voluntary projects. That explains the ‘bonjour’, i guess.
I even started to speak English like zis…
Now that i’m home, i’ll find no more bewildering but fascinating conversation in French. No more skin-darkening but enjoyable outdoor activities. No more funny boys from the orphanage who teased me for being very short i barely level to one of my French friend’s shoulder. Ah, good memories indeed :)
à bientôt!

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